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The religion of Santo Daime, which is a syncretism associating christianity with shamanism, came into existence in 1930 at the borders of the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, and brings a message of Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice to the whole world.

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The Santo Daime rituals are a strong support in the process of selfpurification. By taking the responsibility to work on body and mind, participants can evolve to a higher spiritual consciousness.

Spiritual Works

Calendar of the rituals


For more information about this religion and our activities, please contact one of these centres.

"Céu da União"
Gent/Gand, Belgium

"Céu da Santa Maria"
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Céu dos Ventos"
The Hague, the Netherlands

"Ceflu São Miguel"

Raimundo Irineu with the 'Rainha da Floresta' (Colônia Cinco Mil)

The sacred beverage 'Santo Daime'
For thousands of years, Santo Daime has been used by the native people of the Amazonian forest in both religious ceremonies as shamanistic and therapeutic practices. The brown colored and bitter tasting tea is known under many names: yagé, nepe, kabi, natema, hoasca, and ayahuasca. This last name comes from the ancient Quechua language and means 'vine of the soul'.

1930-1971: Master Irineu
Raimundo Irineu Serra (1892 - 1971), born from African ancestors, was a simple rubber tapper, working in the forest. When the people of the rainforest introduced him to their sacred beverage, he soon received revelations from the 'Rainha da Floresta'. She revealed a shining ritual, in which was danced and sung. In 1930, Master Irineu created the 'Doutrina do Santo Daime', which was the first centre where people from non-indian origins could drink ayahuasca.

1971-1990: Padrinho Sebastião
Sebastião Mota de Melo (1920-1990), one of the direct disciples of Master Irineu, continued his master’s work. Knowing that it was his mission to bring the Santo Daime to the whole country, he created the community 'Céu do Mapiá' deep into the rainforest, from where he would lead the expansion of the doctrine to the cities of Brazil.

1990-present: Padrinho Alfredo
Alfredo Gregório de Melo (1950), son of Padrinho Sebastião and Madrinha Rita, opened churches in Europe, the United States and Japan. While bringing the Daime to the world, Padrinho Alfredo also reassured the connection of the religion with nature by creating a new community in the virgin forest.

Hymns & Hinários

The first Santo Daime hymns to be received from the spiritual dimension, were spread and memorized only by singing them together. At present times, the internet brings these hymns to every one who desires to hear them.

'Cruzeirinho' - Master Irineu

'Oração' - Pd. Sebastião

'Nova Era' (25) - Pd. Alfredo

'O Livrinho' (37) - Pd. Valdete


november 29, 2005
SD on brazilian tv
A camera team takes the trip to Céu do Mapiá and discovers the Santo Daime. This documentary (10 minutes), with words of Luiz Mendes, Pd. Alfredo and Alex Polari, recently appeared on the main brazilian tv channel.


Institução do Desenvolvimento Ambiental.

The official site in Brazil.

Download all offical hinários from Céu do Mapiá (mp3).