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Ayahuasca (Santo Daime)

spiritual leadership

Master Irineu (1930-1971)

Pd. Sebastião (1971-1990)

Pd. Alfredo (1990-present)

Padrinho Alfredo

In 1990, Alfredo Gregório de Melo, one of the sons of Padrinho Sebastião and Madrinha Rita, was given the spiritual leadership of the Santo Daime, which had become a fast growing spiritual movement. Under his command, churches opened in Europe, the United States and Japan. While bringing the Daime to the world, Padrinho Alfredo also reassured the connection of the religion with nature by creating a new community in the virgin forest.

Céu do Juruá

Deep into the virgin Amazonian rainforest, in the region of the river of Juruá, where both Padrinho Alfredo as his father Padrinho Sebastião were born, the mission of creating ecological communities continues. In the past years, six communities were organized, of which 'Céu do Juruá' (Heaven of Juruá), located in a rubber tree plantation, is the most important. The mission of Juruá means to develop projects aimed to preserve the rainforest, and a better use of its botanical wealth. The experience of the 'caboclos' (halfblood farmers) is renewed with new techniques and possibilities. This way, the treasures of the forest will open perspectives for the realisation of times of prosperity for the whole world.


To lead the ongoing development of the doctrine in good ways, was created the institute 'Cefluris' (Eclectic Centre of the Fluent Universal Light Raimundo Irineu Serra), of filantropic, ambiental, assistential and cultural nature, with headquarters in the village Céu do Mapiá. Padrinho Alfredo's two most important institutional responsibilities are of superintendant-general of IDA-Cefluris (the Social and Ambiental Institute Raimundo Irineu Serra), and president of the Superior Doctrinarian Advice, a council of twelve members in which also his brother Padrinho Valdete is vice-president and commander, and Madrinha Rita is honorable member for life. With this organisation, the doctrine of Santo Daime is ready to enter in the new millennium and to guide the spiritual, communitarian and ambiental work in the next decades.

Worldwide expansion

With the organisatory visions of Padrinho Alfredo was created a strong growth and movement of Daimists to the Brazilian cities, other South-American (Argentina) and Central-American (Mexico) countries, and eventually worldwide. For the first time, churches were opened in several European countries (Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, England, Ireland, Switzerland), as well as in North-America (the United States, Canada) and Asia (Japan), taking this sacred beverage to new continents, new cultures and new challenges. Padrinho Alfredo is now in his fifties, and on invitation of the national churches, he travels around the world with his family and his musicians, to guide the churches in their spiritual evolution. With him, he brings from Brazil the message of the rainforest as it has been revealed by Master Irineu and brought into practice by Padrinho Sebastião: a 'Nova Era' (new time) of Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice.

Worldwide (1990-present)

With Pd. Alfredo, churches opened in Europe, the USA and Japan.

Hinário of Padrinho Alfredo

'O Cruzeirinho' (160 hymns)
'Nova Era' (in progress)

Photos of Padrinho Alfredo

Pd. Alfredo with a picture of Pd. Sebastião and Master Irineu.
Md. Rita together with her sons Pd. Alfredo and Pd. Valdete.
Pd. Alfredo leading a spiritual work in Cțu da Santa Maria (2004).
Pd. Alfredo in front of his father Pd. Sebastião in Céu do Mapiá (2005).
Pd. Alfredo and Pd. Valdete with the nephew of Master Irineu (2005).